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A Strong Defense Between You And The Licensing Board

A licensing board will investigate any complaint made due to misconduct, substance abuse, fraud, and neglect that affects the health or safety of the public. Anyone including your employees, your employer, a customer, or a colleague may file a complaint. You will want to consult with an attorney if a complaint has been filed against you or your business.

The lawyers at Boesen & Snow have dealt with these complex cases. They will defend you from the board so that you can focus on your business. The attorneys at Bosen & Snow will help you understand your situation and how best to conduct yourself throughout the process.

Time Is Not On Your Side

When a complaint has been made against you or your business, an investigator will issue a letter. The notice of complaint is also an invitation to schedule an appointment with the investigator. You will want to consult an attorney before responding to the letter.

Your right to a trial will be waived if you do not respond before the deadline. A lawyer will create a concrete plan of action to combat the complaint filed against you.

The Process Of A Complaint

When you and your attorney meet with the investigator, you will need to present evidence that refutes or mitigates the complaint filed against you. During this meeting, the investigator will decide if a formal administrative complaint against your license should be filed.

The plethora of criminal allegations and disciplinary actions of suspected health care professionals have caused fear for others. Due to the constantly increasing regulations imposed by the Board of Pharmacy, Arizona state licensing boards and the DEA, professionals have been forced to surrender their license, but you can fight the allegations made against you.

Boesen & Snow is led by attorneys who are dedicated to providing you with a strong defense to fight the complaint filed against you. If an investigator decides to file a formal administrative complaint, we are prepared for litigation.

Professionals On Your Side

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