We Provide Thorough Legal Guidance To Pharmacy And Health Professionals

The health care field continues to change and grow at an exceedingly fast pace. It is mandatory that health care businesses and health care professionals stay current on the legalities and are aware of the many opportunities to expand. You need lawyers you can rely on to guide you through the complexities of the health care profession and operating a health care business.

Boesen & Snow Law, a health professions law firm, is focused on the advancement of health care agencies and professionals. They are full of creative solutions and provide comprehensive advice. With more than two decades of experience, you can guarantee that they understand what you are facing and how to find a resolution because they have been there themselves.

Health Professional License Defense

The rules and regulations for health care professionals change often at the federal and state level. Anyone has the power to make a complaint for any reason or violation. If you are facing a complaint or investigation by the licensing board, Boesen & Snow Law will defend you.


It is vital for you to protect yourself and your health care business. Having a contract in place for compliance and potential disputes can save you thousands of dollars in penalty fees and court fees. Consult with an attorney at Boesen & Snow Law to identify the types of contracts your business may need.

Developing Your Health Care Business

Health care businesses are entities that have the potential to save the lives of many. It is essential that your business develops and grows to satisfy the needs of your community. The attorneys at Boesen & Snow Law know that you have a lot of work to accomplish. They will guide you in the process of developing your health care business.

Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance

Pharmacies are under scrutiny due to an increase in the overdose of controlled substances. To avoid investigations by the FDA, DEA, PBMs or your licensing board, it is imperative that you ensure your health care business is compliant.

Buying And Selling Pharmacies

The sale and purchase of pharmacies can be completed in numerous ways. There are specific requirements that must be met. Having an attorney who knows the right questions to ask and the formal process will be beneficial to you.

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