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Pharmacy Consulting 

Operating a pharmacy is complicated. In addition to running an efficient company, healthcare care business owners must comply with special regulations and laws. Boesen & Snow can help to position your business for long-term success. From negotiating contracts with key stakeholders to structuring shared services agreements and planning for growth.

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Build a strong healthcare business with support from an experienced legal team 

  • Assess your operational practices for compliance issues
  • Create and execute employee and commercial contracts
  • Structure profitable shared services agreements
  • Train employees on standard operating procedures
  • Navigate the successful purchase or sale of a pharmacy

Your Most Trusted Business Advisor

Boesen & Snow is dedicated to helping owners overcome the unique challenges of operating a healthcare business. Whether you’re about to open your doors or are looking for ways to maximize profitability, you can count on our team of licensed healthcare professionals and business experts to become your most trusted advisors. 

We will work with you to ensure you have the right accreditations, a highly trained team, and the proper systems in place. Get your business set up for success. Call us today.

Business Setup & Analysis

Opening a new pharmacy business is a complex undertaking. In addition to financing, scouting the right location, and training a team, you’ll need to secure the right licenses and permits at both the state and federal levels. Established pharmacies should seek expert guidance to grow and prosper in an ever-changing industry. Reach out now.

Contract Negotiation

Healthcare professionals require a significant number of contracts to operate a business. From the manufacturer, payor-provider, and shared services agreements to hospital and lab contracts, these legally-binding documents should be professionally written and negotiated to protect your interests. Boesen & Snow is skilled in all areas of contract law including disputes. Contact Bosen & Snow Law today.

Compliance Training

PBM audits cost pharmacies thousands of dollars a year and can force honest business owners into bankruptcy. With a former PBM auditor on our team, Boesen & Snow is uniquely qualified to assess your business for red flags and train your team on standard operating procedures that ensure compliance. Be prepared when auditors come knocking. Reach out now.

Buying or Selling a Pharmacy

Before you make the decision to buy or sell a pharmacy, it’s imperative that proper research is conducted on areas including financials, building ownership, and staffing to ensure a smooth transaction. In addition to ensuring you have a valid and current license, you may need help dealing with the disposal of inventory and controlled substances, patient records, and applications. 

Before finalizing any agreements, the attorneys at Boesen & Snow Law will thoroughly examine your case and help you successfully plan for the future of your pharmacy business. Bosen & Snow Law can help.

A Partner For The Life of Your Business

At Boesen & Snow, we are committed to helping you build and maintain a sustainable and profitable business. Our goal is to support you through each stage of your business journey, from the time you open your doors to the day you hand over the keys. 

Invest in the specialized healthcare business services you need from a trusted partner

  • Business plan development
  • Compliance gap analysis
  • Contract negotiation
  • Employee training
  • Legal defense
  • Shared services agreements

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A Winning Approach to Solving your Challenges

At Boesen & Snow, we’re not only on your side but we’ve been in your shoes. Founding partner Mark Boesen has been a licensed pharmacist for the past 25 years. He understands and has experienced, the challenges you face both from a regulatory and business perspective. 

Running a healthcare business has its own set of unique challenges and your business needs a legal team who specializes in overcoming those challenges. Boesen & Snow can help.