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Signature Log Audits: Are you Maintaining the Proper Documentation for In-Person and Mail-Delivered Prescriptions?

Many PBMs relaxed the requirements on signature logs for both in person and delivered medications due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some PBMs even allowed mailed prescriptions when otherwise prohibited. While the ease in restrictions made providing patients with their medications easier, the PBMs retained the right to audit signature logs regardless of the lifted restrictions. […]

PBM Aberrant Product Lists: The Aberrant NDC and Percentage Billed Compared to Total Volume is Only Part of the Issue

Billing of Aberrant NDCs Beginning in January of 2020, at least one of the major PBMs began monitoring its network pharmacies for the billing of specific NDC numbers the PBM considered “Aberrant”. The list of NDCs was sent to network pharmacies in November of 2019 and has since been updated in November of 2020. The […]

Supreme Court Victory for States and Independent Pharmacies

With the national conversation discussing a Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) that is often highly politicized and characterized as divided, it should be comforting to the independent pharmacy community to know that SCOTUS issued a unanimous, 8-0 (Justice Barrett did not participate in this decision) decision in the case of Rutledge v. PCMA. […]

PBM Suspension

Payment Suspensions: Why Prompt, Accurate, and Complete Audit Responses are Crucial to Maintaining your Pharmacy Cash Flow. Did you know that your PBM contracts allow for the immediate suspension of your network participation status if the PBM believes you have engaged in or are engaging in any number of possible contract violations? This includes payment […]

What medical professionals should know about liability during a pandemic

The past weeks have left medical providers and health care professionals at risk in more ways than one. In addition to their exposure to contagion, our vital workers may be left exposed legally. Currently, medical providers are working under a patchwork of protections. The result? Ongoing uncertainty and potential for catastrophic and expensive legal suits. […]