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Federal & State Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Defense Lawyer Attorney

Both the federal government and state governments take healthcare fraud and abuse extremely seriously. If you are facing any sort of healthcare fraud or abuse charges, you need to get in touch with a federal & state healthcare fraud and abuse defense lawyer as soon as possible. Without an experienced defense lawyer advocating for your rights, you might face serious penalties that change the course of your career and life forever.


Devoted Defense in Healthcare Fraud Cases

With decades of experiences shared between our devoted attorneys, you can trust that our team at Boesen & Snow Law can represent your rights effectively. We understand the stress, frustration, and fear that can come with being accused of healthcare fraud and are prepared to advocate for your side of the story. By taking a detailed look into your case, our lawyers can work to build a strong defense that adequately defends you and your interests.

No matter how serious your situation may be, it’s imperative that you work closely with a healthcare fraud lawyer when facing these kinds of allegations. Reach out to Boesen & Snow Law as soon as possible for assistance you can count on. While our services are based out of Arizona, our team offers nationwide legal aid to those who are struggling. Don’t postpone getting legal counsel who can defend you today.

Understanding Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Charges

If you are accused of healthcare fraud or abuse, this means you have allegedly taken part in one or more unethical healthcare practices. In general, the act of fraud involves using deceitful methods for financial gain, while abuse involves taking advantage of others for personal gain. The following crimes are all common examples of healthcare fraud and abuse:

  • Billing for Fake Services: When a healthcare provider bills someone for fake services, medications, or products, this is known as phantom billing. Phantom billing occurs when someone is charged for any services that were not performed and is a serious form of healthcare fraud.
  • Upcoding: If you bill someone for a service that is more expensive than the one you actually performed, this is referred to as “upcoding.” This can also occur if a healthcare professional claims an illness is more severe than it was, as it allows them to charge patients for more expensive treatment.
  • Billing for Unnecessary Services: If you perform services on patients that were not necessary just so that you could charge your patients more and profit, then you are billing for unnecessary services and can expect to face serious penalties. However, if you can prove that the services you performed were needed, you may be able to have the claim against you dropped.
  • Medicare or Medicaid Fraud: If you take part in any sort of deceptive activity involving government-run Medicare or Medicaid programs, you can be accused of healthcare fraud. For instance, if you assist with falsifying medical records so someone can seek Medicaid reimbursement or if you offer bribes in exchange for patient referrals, you are committing healthcare fraud.
  • Pharmacy Fraud: If you work for or run a pharmacy, you can also be charged for fraudulent activities, such as billing your patients for medicines that you never gave them, changing prescriptions to alter their doses, or submitting false claims for reimbursement to insurance companies.
    Pharmacies can also face serious legal challenges when it comes to their licenses and other regulatory hurdles. If you are facing any other pharmacy challenges, an experienced attorney can help you.
  • Billing Fraud: If you submit a false claim to an insurance company to seek financial aid for improperly documented treatments, medically unnecessary treatments, treatments that were not provided, or anything similar, you are committing billing fraud. Billing fraud is just as serious as other forms of healthcare fraud and will be penalized as such.

What Are the Potential Penalties of a Healthcare Fraud or Abuse Conviction?

If you are being charged with healthcare fraud or abuse of any type, you can expect to face serious penalties. The penalties you receive will depend on how serious your offense was and whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony. For instance, you can expect to pay costly fines and potentially spend time in prison if you’re convicted of a felony. With misdemeanors, however, you may face consequences like mild fines, community service, or a short jail sentence.

The negative consequences you face for healthcare fraud will also depend on factors that pertain to your situation. For example, in many cases, corporations that commit healthcare fraud will be subject to higher fines than an individual who commits fraud. The extent of the financial toll of your actions and the amount of people who were impacted will also play a role in determining the severity of your sentence.

If you are found guilty of healthcare fraud or abuse, you can also expect to experience negative consequences in other areas of your life. For instance, if you are accused of committing healthcare fraud, you might have your medical license suspended. If you run or work for a healthcare facility, you might also see regulatory authorities shut your facility down. This can cause serious obstacles in your career in healthcare that follow you for the rest of your life.

While you can expect to face serious consequences if you’re convicted of healthcare fraud, a defense attorney can help you better understand the potential penalties and fight to prove your innocence. It’s vital that you retain a proficient defense attorney the second your medical license is in jeopardy. They can help you understand your rights, your legal options, and how to move forward with your case.

How Can a Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorney Support You?

If you are facing accusations of any of the above types of healthcare fraud or abuse, you need a fierce attorney in your corner who will not rest until you have an air-tight defense. Our attorneys can help you with all of the following needs and more:

  • Providing Legal Counsel: Accusations of fraud and abuse can come as a shock, making it easy to panic about the implications on your business or personal life. Your lawyer can review all of the details of your charges and help you understand the legal process that lies ahead of you. We can provide you with support, advice, and representation throughout your proceedings.
  • Negotiating on Your Behalf: One of the main responsibilities of a defense attorney is to negotiate on your behalf. You want an experienced legal professional with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare litigation system to negotiate for you and fight for the strongest outcome possible.
  • Providing Representation in Court: Not all cases go to court, but if your case does end up going to trial, your attorney can be there to support you with strong evidence and an impactful defense strategy. You should never go to trial without a defense attorney representing you, especially when dealing with accusations of healthcare fraud.
  • Filing an Appeal For You: If your case does not end with the outcome that you hoped for, your attorney can also determine if you have the legal grounds to file an appeal. If you do, they can then assist in initiating that process for you. Filing an appeal prompts the court to take another look at your case, and in some situations, can result in a different outcome if it is tried again.

How Much Do Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyers Cost?

Every healthcare fraud and abuse defense attorney uses a different pricing structure. You can expect that several factors will play a role in how much you are going to pay, such as:

  • The amount of work your lawyer will dedicate to your case
  • Your lawyer’s reputation
  • The amount of experience your lawyer holds
  • The type of case you’re dealing with
  • The severity of the accusations against you
  • The amount of time it takes to complete your case

It is important to keep in mind that while you might be hesitant to pay for your attorney’s legal fees, it’s imperative that you stand up for yourself against these harsh accusations. Without knowledge from an experienced healthcare fraud attorney, it is unlikely that you will get the outcome you hope for. You need a knowledgeable, dedicated attorney who can represent your rights while using their insight into the law to defend you adequately.

Health Care Fraud and Abuse FAQs

Q: What Is the Difference Between Healthcare Abuse and Healthcare Fraud?

A: Both healthcare abuse and healthcare fraud are serious actions, and you should always consult a lawyer if you are being accused of either one. However, you should note that they are different concepts. Healthcare fraud involves the intentional deception of another person for your own financial gain. Healthcare abuse, however, involves inappropriate actions that violate ethical medical conduct and guidelines.

Q: How Do You Fight Accusations of Healthcare Fraud?

A: If you are facing healthcare fraud charges, you need to contact an experienced healthcare fraud attorney who can assess your case. Because every charge is different, your attorney needs to evaluate a variety of factors to build the strongest defense possible. They can work to collect evidence that proves your innocence as well as fight accusations made against you in court. You should never attempt to fight accusations of healthcare fraud without an attorney on your side.

Q: What Are Examples of Healthcare Abuse?

A: Healthcare abuse is a broad term that is used to describe a variety of illegal offenses that occur within the healthcare industry. For example, if you overutilize healthcare services or procedures that are not medically necessary, if you bill for services that were not ordered, or if your healthcare services do not meet an acceptable standard of care, then you could be charged with committing healthcare abuse. Consult an attorney to learn more about healthcare abuse.

Q: Which Act Establishes Health Care Fraud as a Federal Criminal Offense?

A: The False Claims Act (FCS) criminalizes healthcare fraud and abuse. If you are charged with healthcare fraud or abuse, you can face serious criminal penalties such as the loss of your medical license, hefty fines, and even jail or prison time. It is important that you contact a fraud and abuse defense attorney if you are facing such charges so that you can fight for a positive outcome. While these charges are daunting, you can still fight them with a strong defense.

Q: What Are the Consequences of Healthcare Fraud If You’re Convicted?

A: If you are convicted of committing healthcare fraud, you can expect to face a wide range of penalties. The precise nature of your consequences will depend on your particular offense, your criminal record, and other aspects of your case. In general, you can expect to face fines worth thousands of dollars in addition to a mandatory jail sentence. You can also expect to face social consequences such as stains in your business’s reputation and interpersonal conflicts.

Contact a Federal & State Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Defense Lawyer

You should never take accusations of healthcare fraud or abuse lightly. If you are facing such charges, try your hardest to remain calm and reach out to a federal & state healthcare fraud and abuse defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will show you that you do not have to navigate these charges by yourself and that you have someone in your corner fighting for you.

If you are in search of a federal & state healthcare fraud and abuse defense lawyer, you should get in touch with our experienced team at Boesen & Snow Law. With years of experience representing clients in all stores of healthcare fraud and abuse cases, we are no strangers to how complex and high-stress these cases can be.

We are pleased to offer our potential clients initial consultations where you can share the facts of your case and freely voice your questions about your upcoming legal process. Contact our office today to find out more about how we can help protect your rights and your future. We’re prepared to advocate for you, no matter how serious your healthcare fraud or abuse case may be.

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