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Pharmacy Lawyers Serving Pharmacists in AZ & Nationally

Operating a pharmacy is complicated. In addition to running an efficient company, healthcare business owners must comply with many complex regulations and laws intended to protect the public health and safety.  Failing to comply with these requirements can result in severe legal consequences and related financial ruin.

When you own a pharmacy, working with attorneys who focus on healthcare and pharmacy law is invaluable. A focused, experienced healthcare attorney can help you efficiently own, buy, manage, and sell a pharmacy while ensuring that you comply with the endless regulations waiting to trip you up.

Boesen & Snow Law can help to position your business for long-term success, from negotiating contracts with key stakeholders to structuring shared services agreements and planning for and managing growth. Our team of attorneys has approximately 100years of combined professional and operational experience, with backgrounds in business management, healthcare, leading pharmaceutical companies, business audits, and complex legal cases. Our team is based in Arizona and serves clients nationwide.

At Boesen & Snow Law, we understand the frustrations of managing a pharmaceutical company, especially as a small business owner. Let our experienced professionals help you work through the laws and needs of your business to simplify your life and let you focus on other critical matters.

Build a strong healthcare business with support from the team who knows the business

Our team can help you:

  • Assess your operational practices for regulatory compliance issues.
  • Create and execute employee and commercial contracts.
  • Structure profitable shared services agreements.
  • Draft standard or specialized operating procedures and train employees.
  • Navigate the successful purchase or sale of a pharmacy.

We have been in your situation before. Let us help you manage your business well.

Your Most Trusted Pharmacy Business Advisor

Boesen & Snow Law is dedicated to helping owners overcome the unique challenges of operating a healthcare business. Whether you’re about to open your doors or are looking for ways to maximize profitability, you can count on our team of licensed healthcare, legal, and business professionals to become your most trusted advisors.

We will work with you to ensure that you have the right accreditations, a highly trained team, and the proper systems in place to thrive and avoid regulatory compliance nightmares. Set your business up for success. Call us today.

The Importance of Pharmacy Law to a Pharmacy Business

Pharmacy law includes complex guidelines and statutes that regulate and license pharmacies, medication distribution, manufacturers, and pharmacists. These regulations are essential to patient safety and security. Federal, State, local, and private regulatory and contractual obligations constantly evolve and grow, adding to the confusion. When you manage or operate a pharmacy, failing to remain aware of, understand, and address these constantly changing statutes will lead to disciplinary action and other severe legal consequences.

Pharmacy law is governed by state and federal agencies. It covers areas such as:

  • Pharmacist licensure and registration
  • Patient privacy and security
  • Training and operation of pharmacies
  • Packaging and labeling of prescriptions and medications
  • Prescription advertisements
  • Management and distribution of controlled substances

Failing to comply with essential safety and legal regulations can lead to severe fines and other negative actions against your business. This is why many pharmacies work with a pharmacy law attorney to ensure that they comply with the current laws.

Pharmacy Law Across States

Pharmacies must follow the rules and regulations of federal and state law, but state laws vary greatly. A state could have different regulations governing issues such as:

  • Requirements and prerequisites for licenses and permits
  • Prescription drug distribution and monitoring
  • Privacy requirements for patients
  • Drug misuse control, diversion, corresponding responsibility
  • Distribution of controlled substances

Experienced pharmacy law attorneys understand the complexity of running a multi-state business and has relationships with state agencies across the country.

What Do Pharmaceutical Lawyers Do?

Pharmaceutical industry attorneys provide legal representation and advice to pharmacies. This legal counsel ensures that pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and other staff know the regulations that govern pharmaceutical operations and how to comply. Pharmaceutical attorneys also help manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers of prescription drugs and products. Just as pharmacists spend years learning their craft, pharmacy attorneys have spent years studying the law, helping individuals and businesses comply or resolve disciplinary actions, and understand both basic and complex legal requirements that apply to pharmacies. Many pharmaceutical lawyers also have direct experience working in a pharmacy.

Areas of Pharmacy Law We Practice

At Boesen & Snow Law, we can help pharmacists and pharmacy companies run their businesses more effectively while ensuring all essential regulations are met. We understand that dealing with statutes and rules can be overwhelming, particularly for start up businesses. Boesen & Snow can help with a variety of legal needs.

Contract Negotiation

Healthcare professionals require a significant number of contracts to operate a business. From manufacturer, payor-provider, and shared services agreements to hospital and lab contracts, these legally binding documents should be professionally written and negotiated to protect your interests. Your business transactions, from terms of sale to employee contracts, need to be handled well for your business to succeed.

Boesen & Snow Law is skilled in all areas of contract law including disputes. Reach out now.

Compliance Training

A pharmacy’s day-to-day operation requires consistent maintenance and effective staff training. In addition to a fully licensed and compliant business, a pharmacy’s staff must be fully trained in compliance and management. Otherwise, the business may face regulatory compliance violations including fines, suspensions, and even revocation.

The successful operation of a pharmacy means that:

  • New staff are made aware of policies and regulations.
  • Employment contracts focus on compliance.
  • Staff receive recurring training.

This education helps mitigate potential issues and protect your business from violating regulations.

Government Audits

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) audits and Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) audits are regular aspects of a pharmacy’s operations. If a pharmacy’s staff is not following regulations, consequences could include:

  • Fines
  • Disciplinary action
  • License suspension
  • License revocation
  • Network termination
  • Drug Diversion
  • Corresponding Responsibility

PBM audits cost pharmacies tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and can force honest business owners into bankruptcy. With a former PBM auditor on our team, Boesen & Snow Law is uniquely qualified to assess your business for red flags and train your team on standard operating procedures that ensure compliance. This ensures that your pharmacy is safe for patients and that you meet the requirements of federal audits. Be prepared when auditors come knocking. Reach out now.

Buying or Selling a Pharmacy

Before you make the decision to buy or sell a pharmacy, it’s imperative that you conduct proper due diligence on areas including financials, building ownership, and staffing to ensure a smooth transaction. In addition to ensuring that you have a valid and current license, you may need help dealing with the disposal of inventory and controlled substances, patient records, and applications.

When buying a pharmacy, a lot of transition work must be done. If the pharmacy you are purchasing has prior legal issues, this is something you want to review with an attorney. These issues may or may not affect you once you take over the pharmacy, but they are essential things to consider during the negotiation process.

During the sale of a pharmacy, effective negotiation is important. If you are a small business owner selling your pharmacy to a larger corporation, you will be negotiating with an experienced team of corporate executives and attorneys . It’s useful to have an attorney by your side who understands business negotiations and can fight for your interests. Your attorney can also help draft and review important sales documents.

Before finalizing any agreements, the attorneys at Boesen & Snow Law will thoroughly examine your operation and help you successfully plan for the future of your pharmacy business. If you feel overwhelmed by the process of negotiation, our attorneys can help. We are experienced negotiators and can work towards the most favorable outcome. Reach out now.

Establishing a New Pharmacy

Forming a pharmacy business requires a lot of preparation. Not only are you establishing a business, but there are significant amounts of regulation and licensure to deal with. Starting up as a small business owner in this highly regulated industry can be overwhelming, and disputes can happen in several establishing processes.

Our attorneys at Boesen & Snow Law can save you time, money, and stress while setting your business up to succeed in the future.

A Partner for the Life of Your Business

At Boesen & Snow Law, we are committed to helping you build and maintain a sustainable and profitable business. Our goal is to support you through each stage of your business journey, from the time you open your doors to the day you hand over the keys. Our comprehensive support gives you the greatest likelihood of business success.

Invest in the specialized healthcare business services you need from a trusted partner, including:

  • Business plan development
  • Compliance gap analysis
  • Contract negotiation
  • Employee training
  • Legal defense
  • Shared services agreements

Our attorneys have years of experience working in healthcare law and in pharmacies, making us uniquely qualified to help you plan and maintain your future.

Boesen & Snow Law: A Winning Approach to Solving Your Challenges

At Boesen & Snow Law, we’re not only on your side but we’ve been in your shoes. Founding partner Mark Boesen has been a licensed pharmacist for the past 3 decades. He understands—and has experienced—the challenges you face both from a regulatory and business perspective. He and the rest of our team have the legal and pharmaceutical experience necessary to help you understand and successfully handle your challenges.

Running a healthcare business has its own set of unique challenges. You need a legal team who specializes in overcoming them. Contact Boesen & Snow Law today to see what we can do for your pharmacy business.

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