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Fighting For You and Your Health Care Business

The lawyers at Boesen & Snow Law are a team of transactional and litigation attorneys with an extensive background in the life sciences, business operations, and pharmacy. They have hands-on experience leading pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, business management, health care business audits and complex litigation cases. They provide clients with thorough advice and solutions to their problems. Boesen & Snow Law handles cases involving:

  • Health professional licensure
  • Contract disputes
  • Development of a health care business
  • Pharmacy compliance
  • Buying and selling pharmacies
  • Health entity accreditation especially NABP accreditation, ACHC, and URAC

The attorneys use their personal experience to help their clients understand how to handle the seemingly never-ending maze of statutory and regulatory hurdles applicable to their businesses. They know the right answers to their clients’ questions. With over two decades of pharmacy experience, the lawyers of Boesen & Snow Law provide clients with creative operations and development advice. They work with small-business people who are handling more than their fair share of work to ensure business functionality. They recognize the confusion, the frustration and the barriers that come along with operating and expanding their health care business. Read more about the pharmacy, life sciences, and health law experience of the attorneys below:

Mark Boesen Pharm.D., J.D.


Allyson Snow J.D.


Michael Raine J.D.

Senior Attorney

Michael S. Elkins, J.D.


Randall Nice J.D.


Courtney Sullivan

Courtney Sullivan J.D.


Carole Barden

Carole Barden

Senior Paralegal

Mark Ziegler Pharm.D., MBA

Director of Pharmacy Services

Dr. Justin Brock Consultant


Assess And Implement The Creative Business Solutions Of Boesen & Snow Law

If you are planning to start or expand a health care business, the attorneys at Boesen & Snow Law will offer you exceptional legal advice. They know that no question will result in a simple yes or no when it comes to health care, but they will answer the question that balances your need to make a decision recognizing the risks ever-present in the health care industry. They will discuss solutions with you as they help you grow. Consult with an attorney who understands what it is like to be in your shoes. Our office is in Scottsdale, AZ, and we will also travel to you anywhere in the United States. Call us at (602) 900-8562 or reach us via email by filling out this online contact form.

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