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Novo Nordisk Files Lawsuits Against Med-Spas Distributing the Compounded Semaglutide: Highlight the Problematic Nature of Operating Pharmacies and Med-spas

Novo Nordisk filed lawsuits against multiple med-spas that are distributing compounded versions of Semaglutide. Semaglutide is the main ingredient in Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus—popular weight-loss medications. Their popularity resulted in nationwide shortages and the FDA listing Ozempic and Wegovy on the shortage list. Under certain conditions, compounding facilities can manufacture drugs identical, or near identical, to drugs on the FDA shortage list regardless of any patent. Novo Nordisk alleges the med-spas are engaged in unlawful marketing by stating their products are genuine Novo Nordisk products and using Novo Nordisk trademarks.
These lawsuits highlight the difficult nature of operating pharmacies and med-spas. The regulatory field is opaque and complicated. Owners should retain counsel to review their operations and compliance needs. Boesen & Snow is one of the only firms in the country with a pharmacist-attorney with decades of compounding and healthcare operations experience. Call the firm at (602) 900-8562 to discuss your operations and compliance needs.

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