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New Scam Targeting Arizona Pharmacists

The Arizona State Board has announced an emerging new scam designed to access your money via a transfer of funds request. The scammers claim to be calling from the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy and have even managed to “spoof” some of the Board’s telephone numbers, lending credence to their false claims. Once they have earned your trust, scammers will inevitably tell their victims that they must take specific action in order to prevent the suspension of a Pharmacist license.

Please remember that the Board cannot accept money via telephone nor via bank transfer. Furthermore, agents from the Board will never demand money over the phone. They won’t need your personal information, either, as they will already have it on file.

Keep Yourself Safe

Note that phone calls from the State Board will generally show up as “unknown” on your caller ID. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be an agent, ask for their name and then tell them you’ll need to call them back. Confirm their identity on the Board’s website and match their name to the number. Additionally, if an inspector visits your pharmacy, ask to see their badge and confirm their appearance using their photograph from the Board’s website.

For more information, please read the official release post on the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy’s official website.

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