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Board of Pharmacy Investigations: How Your PBM Audit May Put You in Hot Water with The State Boards of Pharmacy

PBM Audits commonly review prescription hard copies, signature/delivery logs, drug invoice purchases, proof of copayment collection, proof of prescriber/patient relationship, patient consent to fill, and non-resident state licensure. PBM Audits are just one of the many hurdles your pharmacy will inevitably face while you strive to serve patients. Poor audit findings lead to extensive financial chargebacks including suspension of payments and possible termination of your PBM contract. While facing the risk of an extreme financial burden and possible loss of patients due to the termination of a PBM Contract is enough to lose sleep over, your pharmacy’s permit may be at risk as well.

Boesen and Snow Law has been assisting pharmacy clients at an increasing rate with Board of Pharmacy investigations initiated after audit results have been reported by the PBMs to investigators at the Board of Pharmacy. Board of Pharmacy investigators have been launching a higher rate of pharmacy investigations requesting documentation related to proof of the collection of copayments, drug invoice reconciliations, proof of patient consent to fill, and proof of prescriber/patient relationship. While the possibility of losing a PBM contract due to poor audit findings is very real, your pharmacy may now be at risk of discipline, suspension, or possible revocation of your pharmacy license based on a board investigation due to PBM audit.

Our wealth of both pharmacy and PBM experience has allowed us to successfully guide multiple pharmacy clients through the board of pharmacy investigation process. Contact Boesen and Snow Law today to assist you in effectively responding to all board of pharmacy investigations. We have the knowledge and experience you need to navigate the both a PBM audit and subsequent board of pharmacy investigation.

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