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Is Your Pharmacy Ready for the DSCSA Full Implementation Deadline?

Is Your Pharmacy Ready for the DSCSA Full Implementation Deadline of Nov. 27, 2023?

Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure your pharmacy is compliant with the DSCSA full implementation deadline.  In an effort to protect patients from illegitimate, counterfeit, or otherwise harmful drugs, this DSCSA imposes some new responsibilities on pharmacies.  By this time next year, pharmacies will need to have some additional processes in place to ensure that prescription drugs they receive and send out have appropriate tracing information.  Pharmacies will also be required to respond to requests for information from trading partners or regulatory officials (FDA and/or State Boards of Pharmacy) within two business days and must store the tracing and investigation information for six years.

Does this feel like a heavy lift?  Let us lighten the load.  If you need help developing Standard Operating Procedures for investigating questionable or counterfeit product, give Boesen Snow, LLC a call.

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