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Arizona Special Events Liquor License Attorney

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Arizona Special Events Liquor License Lawyer

Fairs, festivals, and special events often sell alcoholic beverages. If you own a craft distillery, farm winery, or microbrewery and wish to sell your products at a fair or festival, you will need a Series 16 liquor license. Working with a Phoenix special events liquor license attorney can streamline Series 15 and 16 liquor license applications. Boesen & Snow Law has helped many clients determine which liquor license they need. Our attorneys can handle the application process for you.

Arizona Special Events Liquor License Attorney

Do I Need a Series 15 Liquor License Application?

If you are organizing a special event and do not represent a distillery, winery, or brewery, then you likely require a Series 15 liquor license. You must apply for this license 10 days before the event is held. If the event is held on licensed premises, then there is no need for local approval by a governing board. If the event is held at a location that does not have a liquor license, such as a field, then the local governing body must approve the event.

If the event meets the requirements for granting the license and the application is approved by the local governing body, the liquor board director may issue a special event license to that organization. Once granted, the license can be used for no more than 10 days. You can streamline the application process by working with a Series 15 liquor license application lawyer who provides legal consultation.

Who Can Enforce Liquor Laws in Arizona?

Local law enforcement in any town or city will enforce underage drinking laws and public intoxication statutes. More specific regulations, like licensing, are enforced by the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. This state department fields tips and complaints and then investigates those allegations. Any organization, establishment, or alcohol producer found to be in violation of one or more Title 4 laws could be fined or have their license suspended or revoked.

Is It Hard to Get a Liquor License in Arizona?

Researching and filling out a liquor permit in Arizona is time-consuming work that leaves no room for error. Any business or organization that deals in alcohol is tightly regulated. You will need to research local and county laws in addition to completing your state-level application. To simplify the process, you can hire a liquor law attorney to handle the process for you, including the reporting requirements.

Do You Need a Liquor License to Serve Alcohol at a Private Party in Arizona?

If you plan to sell alcohol at any location, including at a private party, then you need a liquor license. Private events, like charity events, also require a liquor license. Political fundraisers, charity events, and most other events fall under the Series 15 liquor license purview. Qualifying organizations will be granted a license for no more than 10 days under this license.

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If you are planning to host an event that serves alcohol, you will need to have the proper Arizona liquor license. Series 15 and Series 16 liquor licenses must be perfectly filled out to prevent a permit rejection. Local governing bodies may also need to be notified, depending on the type of event you are organizing. To learn how Boesen & Snow Law can help, schedule your liquor license consultation today to set up a meeting with one of our esteemed lawyers.


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