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Arizona Hotel Motel Liquor License Attorney

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Arizona Hotel Motel Liquor License Lawyer

The hotel business is booming in Arizona, which now ranks No. 3 in hotel construction in the country. If your hotel or motel is looking to increase revenue while providing a unique experience for visitors, you can work with a Phoenix hotel motel liquor license attorney who can handle the Series 11 liquor license application process for you. Once the liquor licensing board approves the sale of alcohol at your business, you can serve alcoholic drinks on-site.

Arizona Hotel Motel Liquor License Attorney

Local Governing Body Application

Towns, cities, and counties often have their own ordinances and rules that any liquor licensee must comply with. This level of compliance is in addition to the rules set by the state. Your hotel liquor license attorney can check these local rules to ensure that your application to the state is not contested. Failure to notify your town or city or comply with their ordinances could lead those city leaders to protest your liquor application.

How Do the Department of Liquor Licensing and Control Protests Work?

In Phoenix, the city council can make recommendations to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control either in favor of or against a current liquor license application. Often, the city council takes up the issue because a local constituent brings concerns before the council.

Protests can also be made directly to the state if the complainant lives within one mile of the business seeking a liquor license. We provide consultation to prevent or address liquor license protests.

Arizona Liquor Board Hearings

The Arizona liquor board is appointed by the governor. The job of board members is to review protests tied to liquor license applications. One area that the board examines is whether the business is suitable for selling liquor. A type of business that typically wouldn’t serve alcohol may be deemed unsuitable for a liquor license.

How Do Sampling Privileges Work?

A producer or wholesaler, with permission from the retailer, can offer sampling events for 12 days per year. Those businesses must request an online authorization code from the state licensing board. The events use wholesale inventory and not store inventory. Your hotel liquor license lawyer can provide details on how to organize sampling events and what reporting requirements may be involved.

To-Go Cocktails and Off-Premises Liquor License

In 2021, bars and restaurants were given authorization to sell to-go cocktails. If your hotel or motel has a restaurant, that restaurant can sell sealed to-go cocktails to customers. Your bar can also sell sealed cocktails to guests so they can take them back to their rooms.

What If I Transfer or Sell My Business?

If you move your business, your liquor license will be transferable as long as the new location permits the sale of spirits and is within the same county.  If you sell your hotel that has a liquor license, the license is considered transferred to the new owner. The new owner must renew the liquor license every year and follow the state’s liquor laws.

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Adding a bar to your hotel or motel can increase your revenue while giving guests an added benefit. Visiting tourists often appreciate the option of staying in after a long flight. Due to the highly regulated liquor licensing process, it can greatly help to hire a liquor license lawyer from Boesen & Snow Law. They can streamline these procedures while ensuring that no mistakes are made on your application. To schedule your hotel liquor license consultation, contact our office today.


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