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Arizona In-State Producer Liquor License Attorney

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Arizona In-State Producer Liquor License Lawyer

Owning a brewery, winery, or distillery can be a profitable and highly enjoyable profession. In Arizona, entering that industry requires Series 1 liquor license applications through the help of a Phoenix in-state producer liquor license attorney. The attorneys at Boesen & Snow Law have helped many clients successfully launch their careers as in-state producers of beer, wine, or liquor. In addition to selling through retail stores, having a Series 1 liquor license allows licensees to sell distilled spirits or wine on their premises.

Arizona In-State Producer Liquor License Attorney

Is It Hard to Get a Liquor License in Arizona?

If you decide to apply for a Series 1 liquor license by yourself and without legal consultation, you are taking on a daunting task. Not only are there federal and state regulations to contend with, but your city or county may have special rules and ordinances regarding where your brewery or winery can open.

You will have to contact government officials at every level while researching Arizona’s Title 4 law. Any misstep in choosing the location could lead to the project being rejected. A local resident might also have grounds for filing a protest against your new project.

If you do manage to find a suitable location for your business, you will have to fill out the Series 1 application and submit the correct fee. Any error in the application could lead to delays or the application being rejected. There are strict laws governing who can apply for this license, which are not commonly known. Someone with a recent felony, for example, cannot be a major stakeholder in the project.

One way to make the process easier and more successful is by hiring a law firm that understands local and state laws related to opening a winery, distillery, or brewery.

Who Enforces Liquor Laws in Arizona?

The Department of Liquor Licenses and Control is the state agency tasked with enforcing Arizona’s liquor laws. Local law enforcement in Phoenix monitors underage drinking and other serious violations of liquor laws. The Department of Liquor Licenses and Control conducts inspections and fields complaints on a regular basis. Any distillery, brewery, or winery found to be in violation of the law could face a fine, temporary license suspension, or the immediate revocation of their license, depending on the severity of the offense.

What Is the Cost of a Liquor License in Arizona?

As of 2024, the cost of a Class 1 liquor license is $1,850.00 for one year. The annual renewal fee is $420. Cities may have their own permit fee, so check with your local municipality for those figures and possible reporting requirements.

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The alcohol industry is a multi-billion-dollar field that grows every year. Whether you open a brewery, distillery, or winery, you will have the opportunity to be a part of that growth. Arizona’s strict alcohol laws leave no room for error. If you are planning to apply for a Series 1 liquor license, you can trust Boesen & Snow Law to handle the paperwork. We can also research any local or county rules or laws that you should know about. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.


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