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Vaccination is the best way for most people to protect themselves against COVID-19 and seasonal flu

With the flu season around the corner and understanding that health risks may increase for people who contract seasonal influenza at the same time as COVID-19, vaccination is the best way for most people to protect themselves against COVID-19 and seasonal flu. To ensure people can get vaccinated easily, HHS Secretary Becerra took action to extend PREP Act coverage to pharmacy techs and interns with proper training to administer seasonal flu vaccines to adults.

Please note:

*   This authority is in addition to the previous amendments, still in effect, that allow technicians to administer routine childhood immunizations to patients 3-18 years of age and COVID-19 vaccines to patients 3 years of age and older.
*   This authority also refers to student interns however keep in mind that our state laws already permit trained interns to administer flu vaccine to patients 3 years and older.
*   Check with your employer to determine whether and how they plan to implement this authority.


To view the amendment click here<https://linkprotect.cudas cking%2fclick-link%2fRpzc1vguD LVJyx87tTNR-lb3EasL236g9NOGElz wYDc%3d%2fZP3w-_OnLTIWl7kbmRDr AcOJKWbxMVwsdzM4T0U2clE%3d&c= E,1,NJ0G47jeCZe_hWEe_vc2VJURuj g2By0G1x2ODnX7aWyEVe5zEt3JjSm6 NIniYbqF_oq3_JHb1lld3SWOA22JZN GTHUNIjIDk5GFGI2hSqRKl&typo=1>

To view more information about the PREP Act here <https://linkprotect.cudasvc.c om/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fapi.neo g%2fclick-link%2fRpzc1vguDLVJy x87tTNR-lb3EasL236g9NOGElzwYDc %3d%2fZP3w-_OnLTIWl7kbmRDrAZZb VshC4cKGlrXi31utgT4%3d&c=E,1, 4_l90UIwzpqkIzYLNP5XbQuNrrm8jW WTSWQq8GnMABt91TvnIISpQZ3qPF4x VA4ISVF0LPbJX2YiKtZBsfSCORxcy5 b_To4dp3jjdFXgxeX4Hgo,&typo=1>

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