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Signature Log Audits: Are you Maintaining the Proper Documentation for In-Person and Mail-Delivered Prescriptions?

Many PBMs relaxed the requirements on signature logs for both in person and delivered medications due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some PBMs even allowed mailed prescriptions when otherwise prohibited. While the ease in restrictions made providing patients with their medications easier, the PBMs retained the right to audit signature logs regardless of the lifted restrictions. Maintaining proper documentation during and post-pandemic is crucial. While collecting the signatures for in-person prescription pickup (generally a signature and date) is straightforward, maintaining documentation for mail-delivered prescriptions is much more complex. Proper documentation may include patient pay amount collection documentation, the vendor used to mail the prescription, and tracking documentation that shows both the date shipped and the date delivered, as well as signature requirements, if applicable. In some cases, the PBMs may even require documentation of how the medication was protected during transit. Contact Boesen and Snow Law today to see how you can proactively maintain proper signature/delivery log documentation and be prepared for the inevitable PBM audit once any relaxed Covid-19 Pandemic guidelines have lifted.

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