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Board of Pharmacy Investigations: How Your PBM Audit May Put You in Hot Water with The State Boards of Pharmacy

PBM Audits commonly review prescription hard copies, signature/delivery logs, drug invoice purchases, proof of copayment collection, proof of prescriber/patient relationship, patient consent to fill, and non-resident state licensure. PBM Audits are just one of the many hurdles your pharmacy will inevitably face while you strive to serve patients. Poor audit findings lead to extensive financial […]

How to Respond to a PBM Audit Notice

Pharmacies are plagued by the burdens of addressing the terms of their pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) agreements, whether those terms are reasonable or not.  Pharmacies are dogged with PBMs wielding their power by initiating a PBM audit – sometimes to root out actual discrepancies, sometimes to injure your business in favor of the PBM’s own affiliated […]