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Telehealth services and medical malpractice issues in Arizona

In April 2018, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that expanded insurance coverage to include telehealth services such as remote patient monitoring. Almost all large employers offer these services to their workers when they are available, but eliminating face-to-face meetings with doctors has raised concerns among doctors and medical malpractice insurers. Research […]

Kansas State Board of Pharmacy & IJCP On Compounding with CBD

The June 2019 Edition of the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy Newsletter reprinted an article written by compounding expert Loyd Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJCP, Vol. 23, No. 2). The original Kansas BOP and IJCP article describe the requirements pharmacists should follow if compounding with cannabidiol (CBD). In […]

3 trends to track in Arizona pharmacy

The world of pharmacy is rapidly changing. Independent pharmacists who want to stay competitive need to position themselves one step ahead of the pack. In many cases, this can mean developing new business strategies. Reshaping your role in the larger health care picture may help you win new market space and greater customer loyalty. Of […]