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The problem and potential consequences of upcoding

A physician’s duty is to their patient. While this is true, medical professionals have many other responsibilities as well. There are hospital and clinic rules that you must follow. You must adhere to state and national regulations, and you have ethical obligations to uphold. Your medical license comes with strings attached. In your pursuit of […]

BOESEN & SNOW HEALTH LAW SOLUTIONS FOR COVID-19 MATTERS Boesen & Snow is working with our clients regarding common pharmaceutical supply chain questions, pharmacy operations issues, and business continuity plans related to COVID-19. Please contact our attorneys about COVID-19 and your legal issues. Matters with which we are already engaged include: Properly documenting the usage of override codes for emergency fills (overuse will […]

Salespeople sue drug companies for whistleblower retaliation

A federal jury in Seattle recently awarded $5.8 million to a Tacoma-based pharmaceutical sales representative. She said her employer fired her to retaliate for her refusing to push a product’s off-label uses and for filing an ethics complaint with the company. Also, in Arizona and Florida, two former employees of another drug company recently filed […]