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Signature Log Audits: Are you Maintaining the Proper Documentation for In-Person and Mail-Delivered Prescriptions?

How to be Prepared for the inevitable Signature Log Audit post relaxed Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines. Many PBMs relaxed the requirements on signature logs for both in person and delivered medications due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some PBMs even allowed mailed prescriptions when otherwise prohibited. While the ease in restrictions made providing patients with their medications […]

PBM Aberrant Product Lists: The Aberrant NDC and Percentage Billed Compared to Total Volume is Only Part of the Issue

Beginning in January of 2020, at least one of the major PBMs began monitoring its network pharmacies for the billing of specific NDC numbers the PBM considered “Aberrant”. The list of NDCs was sent to network pharmacies in November of 2019 and has since been updated in November of 2020. The communication states that billing […]